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Websites that look great and function well on desktop and mobile devices


WordPress Website Development

Bespoke or customized themes, including eCommerce


LightCMS Website Design and Development

Simpler to use than WordPress, yet fully featured


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Website Design

Jolly Mystic designs responsive websites to appeal to your target audience.  We ask you all about your current users and desired users, and design a site that anticipates what they will want to do on your site, providing a streamlined path for a pleasant user experience.

Your business identity is an important part of the design.  Your branding, palette and graphics will be integrated and consistent throughout the site.

If your identity is blurry, we will help focus it, and design a graphic identity to represent the new focus.  We will understand the promise you make your customers and users, and we will create a site that suggests and supports that promise.

Website Development Platforms

Jolly Mystic develops websites on both WordPress and LightCMS platforms:


WordPress is a popular Content Management System(CMS) with wide developer community support.  We offer rapid and affordable development, often customizing premium third-party themes from trusted providers.  Jolly Mystic can also develop WordPress sites ‘from scratch’ if that is a viable option for our client.  The WordPress platform allows users to update their site themselves.

In addition to blogs, pages, articles, galleries and video, WordPress is eCommerce-ready for popular and reliable plugin features like WooCommerce.

Your WordPress site can be backed up and migrated to another hosting service.  The “look” of your site can be changed without changing the data, your content.


LightCMS is, as the name implies, a lightweight CMS.  It is favored by small business and personal site owners who find WordPress a bit too complex for them to update themselves.  Like WordPress, LightCMS allows users to update their own content.  The graphic look of the site is determined by templates.   Jolly Mystic designs and develops custom LightCMS templates.  You can switch templates, too.  LightCMS has drag and drop modules for adding features to your page and even offers convenient eCommerce modules so you can sell your products using their platform.

Unlike WordPress, LightCMS is dependent on the LightCMS/NetSuite provider platform so the site cannot be migrated to another host.  The LightCMS platform is regularly backed up and updated by the platform provider.

Content Creation and Proofing

Jolly Mystic can create content in a tone that will appeal to your target audience.  Or, if you create the content, we are happy to proof it for you.

SEO Search Engine Optimization

Jolly can advise you how to increase your search page ranking.  All of our designs and content are created with your site’s SEO in mind.  We can also show your staff content generators how to optimize SEO with content.

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